A fresh approach to product design

If you’ve ever used CAD or PLM software, you might be surprised to learn that you don’t have to live with rigid design tools and oppressive data management installations.


Software that bends to your needs

With CoCreate’s products, get everything you’d expect from top design software, plus added flexibility and knowledge management. Use our software to deliver lean product development processes and notch up productivity.

The smart alternative

If you need 2D CAD, an upgrade to 3D CAD, analysis tools, or are ready to embrace PLM, we offer alternatives not available from today’s mainstream CAD vendors.

Meet online, manage product knowledge

Meet with anyone anywhere using our collaborative application, OneSpace Live! — online communication software crafted especially for engineers. Or collaborate and manage all your product knowledge with OneSpace.net, our 3rd generation product lifecycle management (PLM) tool. Nothing compares when you need to boost productivity now.

What’s New

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Real World Success

Sigma Makes the Move from 2D to 3D

Photographers who use SIGMA Corporation’s SD10 digital camera are impressed by its high-quality images and superb resolution. A few years ago, mechanical designers at the company used conventional 2D CAD. But as the company moved to offering cameras, decision makers saw an opportunity to separate its products from the box-shaped cameras already on the market by adding dimension and ergonomic surfacing to designs. For that, they would need 3D CAD