Our team

gascoigneWilliam M. Gascoigne
Chief Executive Officer
When Mr. Gascoigne took over day-to-day management of CoCreate in March 2002, CoCreate Advisory Board chair Brad Morley praised his “wealth of expertise and insight. He has the managerial experience the company needs to capitalize aggressively on its strengths.” Since then, CoCreate has been a consistently profitable company.Mr. Gascoigne previously served at SDRC as executive vice president, Worldwide Operations, and was responsible for global sales, services, and industry operations. Prior to SDRC, he spent nine years with Applicon, later Schlumberger, where he held senior management positions, including Vice President of Worldwide Marketing.
plaggemarsHansjoerg Plaggemars
Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Plaggemars joined CoCreate in 2000 and was named Chief Financial Officer in October 2001. Responsible for CoCreate’s legal, financial, and administrative infrastructure, Mr. Plaggemars played the role of an advisor in CoCreate’s partnership with investors 3i and Triton and was key in CoCreate’s successful move from a subsidiary of Hewlett-Packard to a fully independent entity.Prior to joining CoCreate, he served as assistant director for Corporate Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions at KPMG Corporate Finance, with a sector focus on information and communication technologies. He was responsible for a number of corporate acquisitions and disposals, as well as for leveraged finance projects, privatizations and corporate valuations. He has advised companies such as Xerox, Ericsson, E-Plus, and Thyssen Telekom in corporate financial matters. Mr. Plaggemars holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Bamberg, Germany.
deissIan J. Dabney
VP of Marketing
Mr. Dabney joined CoCreate in March 2003 in the role of VP of Marketing. He brings clear business thinking combined with experience in modern marketing and sales practices to the company. Prior to joining CoCreate, he worked with a wide range of IT and professional service companies including ICL, Matra DataVision, and Software AG. His background includes 10 years of PLM experience both as a consultant and European Director of Marketing at SDRC.Mr. Dabney holds a 1st class honors degree in Engineering and a Master of Business Administration.
cutlerGert Deiss
Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Deiss joined CoCreate in May 1996 and is responsible for the worldwide consulting and support organizations. Prior to that, he was responsible for developing Hewlett-Packard’s Mechanical Design Division’s strategy, which led to the founding of CoCreate. He brings more than 25 years of management experience to his position, having served at HP for 20 years and then as CoCreate’s CFO and COO for 5 years. He holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Nurtingen.
Ulrich Mahle
Vice President Product Development
Mr. Mahle brings a long and in-depth history of work with CoCreate products to his role as VP of Product Development. He began working with Hewlett-Packard’s Mechanical Engineering program almost 20 years ago and was instrumental in starting up that company’s ME CAD program.Mr. Mahle has held various positions in the areas of support, sales development, marketing management, and R&D management. He helped broaden the ME CAD program by adding data management capabilities to the portfolio and develop a new generation 3D CAD product in the early 90s. As business manager for ME10, CoCreate’s early 2D CAD product, he managed sustainable business revitalization and globalized R&D.Within his responsibility as CAD development manager, he led efforts to bring collaboration technologies to market, forming the foundation of the OneSpace Collaboration product line. Mr. Mahle holds a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Stuttgart, Germany.
Craig Rode
Vice President of US Sales
Mr. Rode joined CoCreate in June 2004 as the Director of Strategic Alliances. In July of 2005 he was promoted to the Vice President of US Sales.He has over 25 years of experience in high technology and has held a variety of positions in application engineering, sales, sales management, marketing, and product management. Prior to joining CoCreate, Mr. Rode spent eleven years with SDRC and six with Hewlett Packard.Mr. Rode holds a BA in mathematics and philosophy from Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota.
Mark Cutler
President for Asian Operations
Mr. Cutler has been working with key distribution partners, cultivating market leadership, and providing support for CoCreate products and services for the Asia Pacific region since April 2002. Prior to joining CoCreate, Mr. Cutler was president of EDS PLM Solutions in Japan. During his career, he has also held key positions at SDRC, General Semiconductor, and Noss. He holds a BS from the University of Maryland, a BS from Washington State University, and an MBA from Central Michigan University.
Detlef Jessulat
Sales Manager Germany & Switzerland
Mr. Jessulat joined CoCreate in December 1996 and took over the responsibility as Sales Manager Direct Business in Germany and Switzerland in April 2002.Mr. Jessulat has 15 years of experience in sales and sales management. He gained his broad experience in companies like HP, BCT Technology AG and various positions at CoCreate.
Christian Hinz
European Channel Business Manager
Mr. Hinz joined CoCreate in April 1998. In November 2004, he was named European Channel Business Manager. Mr. Hinz works closely with key distribution partners, cultivating market leadership and providing support for CoCreate products and services for the European region. Prior to this role, Mr. Hinz worked in various sales management positions at CoCreate and RIB.Mr. Hinz holds a master’s degree in Business Economics.